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I’m home again. Been here since last Thursday. I haven’t had the gumption to post a new update yet, until now. It’s mostly because I’m weak, the weakest I’ve been in many months. My four-day-stay in the hospital last week came on the heels of 9 days of fevers. The corresponding dehydration put me up at Regions. When they sent me home late last week, I weighed 110 lbs. I haven’t weighed that since fifth grade, and I wasn’t the towering specimen then that I am now.

I was able to be with Jen when she gave birth to Eli. And Mom & Eli came home healthy just over a day later. Aedan likes his little brother, but is pretty sure being two with a little brother means he can do everything now. His frustration at the many discoveries to the contrary is wearing mom and dad thin. Especially so since I’m unable to do much about it. I’m sleeping through much of the day, unintentionally, most often. I’ll sit down to read a book or an article and wake up hours later. Jen’s been doing as well as can be expected without me.

Still, I’m here. We’re learning how to be a foursome here at home. Eli’s sleeping about as often as I am. Jen would tell you that she and Aedan aren’t doing too poorly either.

I’m off the hook as far as chemo goes until late next week. That’s a few days after Christmas. My family will be joining us here at our place in Bloomington early next week. I’ll be seeing my Oncologist Wednesday morning (28th) then moving forward with Round 4 the next day if there’s no reason to do otherwise.

Please pray for my stamina and strength these few days I have now before Christmas. I was so looking forward to what was going to be a long month full of good days. With two and a half weeks already cached as much less than ideal, these remaining days are valuable to me, yet it seems I’m too weak to do much with what I’ve got.

I hope to write our New Year’s letter in these available days, as well. Pray that I could write without nodding off between paragraphs. And pray more for our hearts. They took hits with this recent crash.

“I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living…”

Merry Christmas.

Jeremy, Jenny, Aedan, & Eli~

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Jeremy is in the hospital. Eli and I drove him in this morning. He is extremely weak, tired, uncomfortable and nauseous. He hasn’t had a fever since Saturday, but doctors are still ordering the standard tests to rule out an infection. They treated him today for dehydration. Pray for much improvement come tomorrow.

Jer was unable to bring Eli and me home from the hospital Sunday, so my sister spent Sunday morning with me at the hospital and drove us home. Our families have been a great support to us through this. We thank God for them, and our friends, often. Your calls and emails continue to bring great encouragement to us each day.

Aedan, Eli and I are doing wonderful so far. Aedan adores his little brother, Eli is an incredibly peaceful newborn, and I am recovering well. Please continue to pray that this peace and health continues for us. It’s been disappointing to have Jer in the hospital, as it’s so fun to share in these first days as a family of four.

Pray for a quick healing in Jeremy’s body. We want him home and well. We praise God for Eli and his health, and for the grace God shows us through these times. Pray our hearts would not be discouraged. Our God is big.


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Update #2

One healthy baby. One not so healthy dad.

I finally made it back to Jen’s bedside around noon today. It was wonderful. Again, it was just the three of us. But within an hour I began feeling very sick. Aedan showed up with Grandma Joy and Mike and Lisa. Best part of the day was watching the brothers meet. All Aedan wanted to do was hold him and stroke his head, and tell Eli where his nose was. Then he gave him his own taggy blanky. Self-sacrificing big brother that he is.

I simply got too sick to stay. Been at home sleeping for a couple hours. Just woke, and I’m still not feeling well. So, great disappointment that it is, I can’t return to the hospital today.

Please pray for me, that I can return tomorrow to bring my bride and our baby boy home to stay.

Thank you.

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He’s here! Baby Eli has arrived healthy and in good spirits. Full name: Jeremy Elijah Erickson. Born just minutes after 1a.m. Saturday, December 10th, 2005. Labor was quick. No drugs (how does she do that?). Delivery happened with just 4 minutes of pushing. After a good hour alone wih his mom & dad, Eli slept peacefully the rest of the night, and cried only for his first diaper change early this morning. A beautiful baby, he is.

Mom’s doing well. Again. She knows how to have babies.

Dad broke his fever this morning, again. He did yesterday, too. Still feeling sapped from 7 days of a fever always over 100. Praying this is the last time I have to break a fever for awhile.

Oh, and Aedan is delightful. We’ve been talking about Eli around the house here for months. He’s used to pointing at Jen’s belly and saying, “Eli! Eli!” I think he’s very ready to be a big brother. The two of them will meet this afternoon.

Stay tuned. I’ve gotta head back to the hospital – Jen’s hospital. Sure feels good to be walking those halls for something other than cancer or chemotherapy!

Thank you all for your prayers! God has smiled on us and laughed with us this day.

Jeremy, Jenny, Aedan, & Eli

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