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Sicker Than A Skateboarding Bulldog

I’m sick. Today was going to be the day I wrote and wrote and rambled on about the last month and a half. My solo January post was going to cover all the good things we were able to do in the forty-some days of Christmas (It’s been that long since my last update). I didn’t write then because all the stuff I was doing typically put me on my back (that pleasant state of comatose called the nap). I have been tired, and fighting a cold since October, but I’ve been functional. Today I’m tapping out this blog between deep pain-squelching breaths and coordinating my typing with the random twitches of my writhing body. Perhaps I’ll be able to write more this evening, but for now I felt it necessary to let all you praying types know that I woke up this morning at four o’clock with the beginnings of a fever and this horrible pain in my throat. I’ve slept on and off since then, and am moments away from calling my Oncologist to see what I should do, as my temp is closing in on that magic degree that dictates a trip to the Emergency room.

Please ask Abba to make me better – to keep this from becoming anything worse. I was in the clinic this week for my monthly infusion. This is the week I’m on prednisone – nasty stuff to begin with – particularly so this week because of the way it hinders my immune system from fighting off infections.

Yuck. There’s very little in the realm of media that’ll make me giggle when I feel this nasty, but WCCO aired a video of this bulldog on a skateboard last night and I just can’t get enough of it. You can watch it yourself at Tyson’s website (the dog has his own website) at This is in lieu of anything interesting I might’ve said if I’d had more time.

I will hope and intend to write more extensively as soon as I feel up to it. Until then, when checking back for updates, go directly to the cancer blog rather than merely glancing at the homepage. If I end up in a bed at Regions 8E, Jen will keep your prayers informed on the weblog, but won’t be posting the link from the homepage to the blog.

Thank you for your prayers of faith on our behalf.

More Later,


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