There Will Be More

00lollipop.jpgThank you faithful friends and onlookers. I know you’re out there. I’m still here. There’s much to say, but I’ve been relatively unable to say it. At least on the page. I should maybe start podcasting. Yapping’s just not the same. My wrists have been bad these past months. Haven’t been able to write much more than a few short emails. I do seem to be getting stronger altogether, just not in my wrists. Pain’s not vamoosing either. I snagged iListen for my Mac, but my G4 can’t keep up with it (or me) yet. I speak a sentence three times before I realize it’s working on what I said, then it spits out three different versions of that sentence – none of them making any sense at all. Sometime in the next week or two I hope to post a page. Been busy with clinic visits, rehab, and work on a room in our basement to serve as a music/writing studio for me someday. Yes, someday. Still hoping, trusting I will get that new body. Or at least this one made new. Please check back again soon, and don’t stop praying for us in the meantime. 00poindext.jpgDifficult transitions abound. Struggles in the head, heart, and hands. Pocketbook, too. Have posted a message from a three part series I delivered back in August. The other two I’ll put up once it seems the first has gotten out. The JE myspace (link to it from my homepage) now has two video clips from FLY 2005. Long overdue. But it’s fun now to see the cueball. New photos on this site are also long overdue. I have hair now. And get haircuts. Would be much easier if I could hold a mouse. Someday…

Still here (and His),


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6 thoughts on “There Will Be More

  1. Would not hang it all on your computer. iListen is not easy to train or use. Please see the iListen reviews at the Apple store or our Windows 2 Apples blog and podcast for some comments on iListen.

    Best of luck.

  2. Pam

    Great to hear a little update. Short is fine.
    I continue to keep you and your family in my daily prayers.
    May peace surround you and your struggles.
    He knows……he hears……….he will answer

  3. Sara


    I was so glad to finally see a little something from your neck of the woods! Was beginning to be a tad worried and check here so often with hopes of a note of improvement. You are amazing to many and it will happen for you- I have visions of you just strumming and writing beautiful music in your studio someday-your faith and strength will help you get there! God Bless you and your family-
    Sara in Brodhead

  4. Mavis

    What a joy to see a short posting from you, Jer! You (and your dear family, of course) are in our hearts and prayers as you transition to the somewhat difficult-to-discern future. Praise God, He holds the future firmly in His hands! He’s been there all along and won’t desert you now; His purpose in all this keeps unfolding as you continue to bow to His lordship. With love and prayers,

  5. Jeremy,
    Am SO glad to see this update from you. I’ve been checking in to see if you’ve posted and was so happy to see that now you have. Continued prayers for you as you lean on His strength and provision.

  6. Dana

    Hey Jeremy, Jen, and family,

    It was GREAT to see a post from you Jeremy. I like many, have checked from time to time for updates, and get worried when I don’t see anything. Glad you’re doing ok. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Your friend always,


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