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not on the space station

nord&boys.jpgI’m gonna make this one quick. Informative. For those of you wondering whether or not I was the German astronaut the shuttle dropped at the space station last weekend… I wasn’t. It was someone else. I’ve been doing summery things with my boys. And turning thirty. It was my birthday two weeks back, and we had a little party. Jen’s mom gave me a Finding Nemo slip-n-slide. She and I both showed Aedan and a friend how to use it. My big gift (from Jen et al) was a Nord Electro Two Sixty-One Keyboard with vintage Rhodes, Wurly, Clavi, and Hammond samples. I’ve been routinely distracted by it. It’s been great to sit down and disappear in a musical world of yummy sounds. Being my wrists have been unable to handle guitar much, it’s been a long time since I’ve had that sort of an outlet on a regular basis. I may actually be able to start writing songs again.

Between my last update and now, I protested my Friday chemo. I just stopped taking methotrexate and told myself unless someone convinced me it was necessary for remission, I wasn’t going to even have the stuff in my cupboard. Well, I sat down with Dr. Hurley two weeks later, and he convinced me. So I start again this Friday, and have to take it every Friday til May of next year. I’ve been a bit bummed about that, and not entirely sure yet what it’s gonna mean for me. I’m tired and achy as is. A little cranky sometimes, too. Maybe it’s convenient for me to blame it on the drug, but honestly, when I’m not on it, I feel better…

shades.jpgI’m visiting family this week. In Roseau for the County Fair – The 100th Roseau County Fair. I’ll be up there Thursday. Between now and then I’m hanging solo at an undisclosed location – purely for the air of mystery it suggests – on another one of those by-myself-doing-a-little-soul-work kind of things at a cabin on a lake somewhere. Jen has graciously (even gladly) allowed me that, and Aedan’s spending the week on his own at Grandma and Grandpa’s farm. We’ll all be rendezvous-ing up there Thursday.
Hope to see some of you wandering the Midway come Friday!

Still His,


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