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New Blog

Welcome to the new archived blog of Jeremy Erickson. Here you’ll find a series of posts penned by Jeremy over a period of nearly seven years. We’ve compiled content from a few historic blogs with the intent of providing a tidy, concise location to access Jeremy’s written words. In the coming weeks, we’ll be cleaning up some of the formatting quirks, modifying tags and categories, and aiming to make the overall site a bit easier on the eyes. In the meantime, enjoy poking around and stumbling on some of the great words Jeremy desired to share with others.

newjesiteIf you haven’t yet taken the time, please also check out the new We’ve worked diligently over the last couple months to bring together as much of Jeremy’s content in word and song and make it readily available and easily accessible. Take some time there as well. We’re certain you’ll be blessed. (In the months to come, we’ll also be bringing out archived content and making it available on the site. You can follow Jeremy Erickson on Facebook to stay connected and be updated when changes are made and new content is available on the site.)

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